Mourad Saadi

Your windy notifier

Get current wind notifications straight to your phone. Set alerts

Current Wind

Tell you the current wind, from the tap of a button

Mobile optimised

Breeze Bot is intended for the Facebook Messenger client. Al features are designed to be user-friendly from a mobile device

Wind alerts!

You can set wind alerts to trigger at a certain wind rating for a certain location.

Historic Graphs

Wind graphs from a specific location over 24 hours or 7 days


Wind forecasts for selected areas

Breeze Bot Fund

Breeze Bot will always be free to use, but to develop premium features, I have to charge a small fee.

Basic (Free)

FREE Forever
  • Current Wind Updates
  • 24 hour Historic Wind Activity
  • Current Location
Use This!

Wind Hunter (Premium)

$3.00 Monthly
  • All Free Features
  • Ability to set wind alerts for a location
  • 7 Day historical graphs near your area
  • Forecasts!
Help Pay

Why Pay?

Softwares arch nemesis, monetary payment

Why isn't this free?

Remember all those cool startups you used that were free but then they were acquired, shut down and now don't exist anymore? It's because free apps don't make money, and therefore can't survive.

But other stuff is free?

Yes, a lot of software is free, however web services are different. The costs of providing an internet connected service (such as this bot) grows as the service becomes more popular.

Facebook is free though?

Facebook makes money from selling your personal information to advertisers

Who Did This!

The people behind the magic of Breeze Bot!

Ben Winding

Junior Vice President

With expert googling skills, this team would literally have zero members without him. Please be my friend.